Sunday, July 1, 2007

About Us

2008-Antarctica-117xWe, Kurt & Marcia, are a couple of fortunate baby boomers who were able to achieve the retirement lifestyle they planned and worked towards. We split our time between living on our 50-foot steel trawler, Alpenglow, based out of Puget Sound and a winter home near Tucson.  During the late-Spring & Summer we cruise the Inside Passage to/from SE Alaska.  When the inevitable grayness creeps into the PNW, we head south to Arizona, where we hike & bike while luxuriating in the space that a home gives over a boat.  We find the two, very different, climates, landscapes & life styles mesh well, keeping both fresh and interesting.

2009-12-006xWe have no children and currently no “fur babies” although we mourn and miss the two calico cats, Annie and Maggie, that accompanied us on most of our cruises.

Besides this blog, we maintain a blog documenting some of our older trips at


  1. Greeting from Phoenix! I stumbled across your blog researching a possible DD purchase - do do exactly what you are doing! Would love to reach out and get some info on your DD experience? Drew -

  2. Glad things are well by you in retirement. MPH

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