Sunday, July 1, 2007

About Us

2008-Antarctica-117xWe are a family of three, two humans and one cat.

The humans are Kurt and Marcia.  We are retired and now split our time between living on our boat Alpenglow, a 50 foot steel trawler, cruising the Inside Passage to SE Alaska and our winter home in the Tucson area, enjoying sunshine while hiking and biking. 

2009-02-010yThe feline member of the family is Maggie one of two cats (Annie RIP) adopted through Purrfect Pals. Over the years, Maggie has turned into a pretty good traveler, coping well with the cruises to/from Alaska and the driving to/from Arizona, although she gets sea sick more easily than we do.

Besides this blog, we maintain a blog documenting some of our older trips at

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  1. Greeting from Phoenix! I stumbled across your blog researching a possible DD purchase - do do exactly what you are doing! Would love to reach out and get some info on your DD experience? Drew -