Sunday, July 10, 2022


2022-Cruise-238xOn Friday (7/8) evening, while we were tied to the dock in Auke Bay, a commercial tour boat coming in to raft with its partner boat moored directly behind us, inadvertently clipped our port stern corner. The impact popped a roughly 3” x 9” chunk of paint and fairing compound from our boat. Marcia was chatting with the skipper of the boat being rafted to and saw and heard the impact.

2022-Cruise-237xAs mentioned in the previous post, the transient moorage in Auke Bay (Statter Harbor) during the summer is a bit of a free-for-all.  The transient boaters (commercial fishing, commercial tour operators, local recreational boaters and non-local recreational boats) are all coming and going on widely varying schedules.

Mooring is all on linear docks (i.e., they are not individual boat slips) but the linear space is along open U’s about 100 to 150 feet on each side. The Harbor Office does not assign dock space to incoming transient vessels. Instead you must look for an open section of dock space sufficiently large to accommodate your vessel.  Rafting of vessels is permitted to the extent that it doesn’t prevent other vessels from departing.

Given all of this, it isn’t surprising accidents happen. Fortunately no one was injured and nothing was done to impair the safe operation of any vessel. We expect to get this “owie” repaired in Spring 2023 during our regular haul-out.

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