Thursday, September 30, 2021

Where We’ve been 2010 to 2021

Having been to Alaska eleven times, people will sometimes ask if we get tired going back to the same places.  First, we don’t always go back to the same places each year. It is about a thousand miles from our home port in Puget Sound and our furthest destination in Glacier Bay.  My logbook has 330 different anchorages/ports that we’ve visited, and even now each year we usually manage to add a few new sites to that list.  Additionally, even going to the same place is different each visit because the weather may be different, the time of year may be different and the local wildlife may be different.  So,”No”, we haven’t gotten tired of cruising to SE Alaska.

Below are two Google maps I’ve put together of where we’ve been.  The first map is our 2021 cruise log showing where we were on each day of the cruise.  The second map is compilation of all the places we’ve been in the eleven trips.  Clicking on a location shows the number of visits and in which year.

2021 Cruise Log

2010 – 2021 Anchorages/Ports

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