Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25 – Punchbowl Cove

06-25 - Punchbowl Cove Route Today turned out to be a very short day, a little over 10 miles with less than 2 hours of engine time.

Punchbowl Cove/Rudyerd Bay is one of the signature sites within Misty Fiords National Monument. It is a winding inlet surrounded by rocky mountain sides. We visited here in 2001 on an Alaskan state ferry in the pouring rain and waterfalls were cascading down the cliffs.

The weather today was considerably better than on our 2001 trip but it was still overcast. It was better, though, than we have had since the sunny weather that greeted our Ketchikan arrival.

06-25 - Punchbowl Cove Moorage Our plan was to check out Punchbowl Cove where a US Forest Service buoy is located and, if available, grab it. If taken, we would continue another 20 miles north to Walker Cove, another USFS buoy site. Fortunately for us, the buoy was available and after 3 attempts (the first two were too fast or off the mark slightly), we snagged the buoy and were tied securely.

The advantage of buoys is that you don’t have to worry about the anchor dragging or retrieving 300 feet of chain between you and the anchor. When leaving the next morning, untie one end of the line from the cleat on your boat and pull the line through the ring from the other end. In about 20 seconds you are free and clear.

On account of the area’s notoriety, a steady stream of scenic flights from Ketchikan are coming through. They will dwindle off as the cruise ships get ready to depart from Ketchikan and the airplane’s customers all embark for their next port of call.


Today’s mileage – 10.3DSC_7748x

Cumulative mileage – 846.1

Current position

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