Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24 – Winstanley Island

We ordered a number of things to be sent to us general delivery, Ketchikan so while they are in transit, we have taken off for a trip around  Revillagigedo Island. This is the island on which Ketchikan resides.  The trip will also go through Misty Fiords National Monument.

06-24 - Shoalwater Route Today’s trip was southbound out of Ketchikan, retracing some of the route we took getting here.  After about 20 miles we turned left and head up Behm Canal into Misty Fiords. 

Shortly after we left the harbor, we were dodging a few small logs in the water.  Ahead, 100 yards or so, I saw a somewhat larger log.  The “log” proceeded to spout a few times and do a shallow dive.  Needless to say, it was a humpback whale and not a log.  Before we could reach our camera though, it arched steeply and did a deep dive. No picture this time.

06-24 - Shoalwater Buoy Our destination today was Winstanley Island, on the south shore of Behm Canal. There is a US Forest Service buoy in the bay available on a first come – first served basis.  If the buoy was taken, there is also good anchorage.

Fortunately, the buoy was available.  After two attempts, we snagged and tied off the buoy to our forward bollards. We have used Washington State Parks buoys in our previous boat but this is the first time in Alpenglow. Since this boat is higher off the water and the buoy we are snagging is a lot beefier, we had to use a different technique.  We will refine it as we try other buoys in the days ahead.

Besides the buoy, the Forest Service has a cabin on shore, popular with kayakers, for rent.  Shortly after we arrived, a boat shuttle picked up two kayakers staying at the cabin and replaced them with a solo kayaker.

Today’s mileage – 43.4

Cumulative mileage – 835.8

Current position

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