Saturday, August 3, 2019

Some Cool Pictures

Getting a good action shot of our boat in a remote location can be difficult unless you’re as fortunate we were to have two kind people share their photos with us.

The first photo was taken by Deb from Anacortes who was on the Glacier Bay tour boat Baranof Wind entering Johns Hopkins Inlet as we entered.  Deb was good enough to hunt me down on the internet and share her photo with me.

Deb C-02xsThe second photo was taken by Marge as we entered Windfall Harbor.  Marge and husband Jerry had been cruising SE Alaska on their vessel Dream Catcher and we had arranged to meet them in Windfall Harbor.


Breaking out of this narcissistic trend, the last photo is of a starfish wrapped around the bait and hook at the end of Marcia’s line she dropped to attract a halibut.  After Marcia pulled the starfish out of the water and it slowly unwrapped itself and dropped away.


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