Saturday, August 25, 2018

In Port McNeill

We arrived yesterday afternoon in Port McNeill after rounding Cape Caution from our anchorage in Frypan Bay on Penrose Island.  While not super rough, we put our stabilizers (i.e., the “fish”) in the water to attenuate the rolling from the waves (the first time in 2 years since we had to do so).  Maggie-cat, bless her heart, did not get sea sick the entire time.

The trip south from Ketchikan was fine.  We stopped in Prince Rupert for a night and at Shearwater for a night.  Otherwise, we had many beautiful anchorages with generally good weather. 


As we traveled south, we did start to see the effects of the fires in the BC interior.  First it was orange moons and suns, later it was smoke and smoke mixed with thick fog.  For several days while in Fitzhugh Sound, the fog was so thick (less than 200 yard visibility) we could not see the trees on the shore of the cove we were anchored in.  It was disorienting and we remained at anchor until the visibility improved to at least 1/2 mile visibility, which did not occur until the afternoon.. 

Some fish were caught along the way, although not as many as last year.  Marcia did catch an unexpected king salmon which thrilled her greatly.  We did some prawning in our favorite spots and added them to the freezer.

We visited a few new (to us, anyway) anchorages, which we can add to our options for stops in future years.  We crossed paths in Frypan Bay with Billie & Mike Henry on Peachy Keen.  They are longtime cruisers (>30 years and 17 trips to SE Alaska).  Their success at fishing is also something we aspire to.

Miles traveled this leg – 740.2; engine hours – 141.4 (lots of trolling)
Total miles traveled – 2741.3; engine hours – 459.0

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