Monday, August 23, 2010

August 22-23 – Red Bluff Bay

After our relaxing time at Warm Springs, we headed a short distance further south to Red Bluff Bay. Both guidebooks and firsthand accounts rave about how scenic Red Bluff is so we are looking forward to it. Besides the scenery, the guides also talk about good prawn fishing, so we are anxious to try our hand at that, as well.

The weather forecast is such that we anticipate two nights on account of a brief storm and high winds rolling through. With a little patience, we are able to anchor in a very protected cove within the bay so we are well set up for winds.

The bay is very scenic with snow capped mountains beyond the head of the bay. We repeatedly watch a brown bear prowling and fishing at the stream inlet.

We are sure the bear’s fishing was more successful than ours as we were skunked both for prawns and crabs.

Today’s mileage – 21.0

Cumulative mileage – 2163.9

Current position

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