Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 7-8 - Ketchikan

DSC_7808x Marcia got up early (4:30 AM) yesterday to try her luck at halibut fishing from the back of our boat at anchor.  The fish hanging out there proved elusive although it did make an appetizer of the herring Marcia offered it on her squid lure.

With the fishing done for the morning, we hoisted the anchor (finding some old fishing lines and hooks draped across it) and were underway about 5:30 AM. The further south we went in Behm Canal the better sunny and warmer the weather became.

As we turned the corner towards Ketchikan, though, the wind from the northwest picked up and by the time we reached the Bar Harbor Marina, it was blowing 15 to 25 knots. During the docking, I added another paint scuff mark to the collection I have accumulated in the last six months.

DSC_7809x The weather in Ketchikan is terrific, lots of sun and temperatures in the upper 70’s. We’ve had to break out the sun screens we had made in China. 

Bar Harbor Marina where we are staying has lots of working fish boats coming and going. The pleasure craft typically “hot bunk” the slips vacated by the fishing boats that are out working. In fact, after we had lunch, the harbor master knocked on our boat and asked us to move because the permanent resident of the slip we were initially assigned called to say he was returning that evening. Fortunately, a member of the harbor master staff was at the other slip to catch our lines when we moved because the wind was still blowing strongly.

Today’s mileage – 42.4

Cumulative mileage – 1053.1

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