Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Progress being made

Marcia and I speak daily using Skype. It generally works well but the limiting factor is the connection speed at Marcia’s end.  If she tries to do other things on her computer that use Internet bandwidth or if other people with whom the connection is shared use too much capacity the quality suffers. The delay is a bit like a phone call routed through a satellite and you have to be conscious of not “stepping on” the others comments.

Over the weekend (October 17-18), she was going through the boat with our surveyor, Ray Wolfe. He prepared a list of findings and the yard is now working through them.  Marcia provides the necessary clarification/feedback to ensure that they are properly addressing the findings.

On Tuesday Marcia met with our project manager and the production staff and they worked out the following schedule:

  • Finish survey finding this week (except for carpentry many of these things are already done).
  • Finish carpentry work end of next week (10/25-31)
  • Cushions covered by end of next week
  • Apply non-skid next week
  • SHM testing now to final inspection; Hanson’s poke around to familiarize with vessel
  • Final inspection the first week of November
  • Move in after final inspection
  • Correct deficiencies, testing and sea trials 2nd week November through shipping
  • Ship vessel mid December to early January

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