Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Construction Photos

As we leave the boat yard, here are a collection of photos showing the current state of our boat. [NOTE: Some photos are of the hull #2 not our hull #4 but we are all about the same stage of construction.]


Four sedans are being built simultaneously. They are in two rows of two. SD462-02 is on the right and SD462-04 (our boat) is on the left. Hulls #3 & #5 are behind (bow to stern) of hulls #2 & #4.




This is the port side view. The salon is a "wide body" (i.e., it goes all the way across the hull) on this side. Access to the boat deck above the salon is via the external steps. The metal "box" in front and below the pilot house provides head room for the steps leading to the below deck accommodations.


A starboard side view of the boat. This side has a side deck that goes from the aft cockpit to the fore deck. In the space in front and below the pilot house window will be a fiberglass storage locker.



2007-China-026 A starboard side view of the hind section of the boat. The side deck is sheltered from the rain by the boat deck. A door in the bulwark provides access to docks when tied up on this side.




Looking down into the salon from the steps to the boat deck. The hatches in the deck provide access to the engine room. The door to the cockpit from the salon is at the end of the salon.




Looking down into the pilot house from the steps to the boat deck. The steps leading below are on the left in this photo and descend under the metal box at the forward center of the pilot house. The lower helm station will be to the right of the metal box.

2007-China-061 Looking down and forward into the master stateroom. It is located directly underneath the pilot house. A water tight bulkhead separates it from the compartment containing the heads and the shower. A 340 gallon fuel tank is just visible at the bottom of the photo. A total of four tanks tucked around the boat contain over 1400 gallons of diesel fuel.

2007-China-277 A view looking towards the bow and the anchor station. The electric windlass will be mounted on the platform attached to the deck. The anchor area is dropped about four inches so that a barrier prevents the mud and goo brought up with the anchor from draining down the entire deck.

2007-China-278   The foredeck is quite large, nearly 11 feet from the boxes at the front of the pilot house to the anchor station. Width is nearly 14 feet at the pilot house. The cutout on the deck is for a hatch into the forward stateroom.


2007-China-281 Looking toward the port side of the cockpit. The propane locker will be tucked in the corner of this side just below the salon window. The cockpit is about 4 feet deep. To the left is the transom and the 8 inch drop down to the swim step. The hull extends underneath the swim step.

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