Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scenery - The Cities

The Scandinavian communities we visited all had a strong maritime heritage and feel (I suppose our arriving via a 800 foot vessel biased things).  They were also pretty touristy but you can hardly blame them for that since you had several thousand cruise ship passengers walking through town each day looking for that perfect souvenir.

Nevertheless, there were lovely sights in each town. Sometimes it was your expected tourist attraction other times it was something simpler (a manhole cover?).

2007-Europe-255The top of the funicular in Bergen



2007-Europe-127Manhole cover in Trondheim




2007-Europe-279Stained glass inside a Bergen church


2007-Europe-353Community area in Kristiansand






2007-Europe-392Viking ship in Oslo museum


2007-Europe-412Bow shot of Fram, the vessel built by Nansen for his successful transiting of the Arctic Ocean then used by Roald Amundsen to transport his expedition to Antarctica.

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