Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3 – Neets Bay (Fire Cove)

After spending several days in Ketchikan doing boat chores (e.g., marking chain, replacing the chain gypsy and replacing the failed lower helm bow thruster control), we made a break for it. The Independence Day Holiday weekend weather forecast was not great but we’d rather be at anchor in a quiet cove in the rain versus than hanging around the marina.

07-03 - Neets Bay Route After discussing options for a 4 night excursion, we decided to head back up Behm Canal on the west side of Revillagigedo Island and check out some of the anchorages that mention good fishing or crabbing. Marcia is especially keen to get a salmon, preferably a King salmon. Neets Bay as our first stop looked promising as there is a fish hatchery at its head and the normal King salmon catch limit is increased.

Southeast winds pushed us along Tongass Narrows as we left Ketchikan but dropped off rapidly as we turned the corner in Clover Passage. Marcia even tried trolling from our rear cockpit but only had a nibble, as indicated by the small bite taken from the herring she was trolling with.

07-03 - Neets Bay Anchorage As we entered the small cove behind the island we would anchor, we spied a black bear walking along a shoal bared by low tide extending from the island.  A few hours later, we saw the bear paddle the short distance to shore, shake itself off and walk into the forest.

Besides the bear, shortly after we anchored and were eating lunch, we spied a submerged shoal not far from the stern of our boat. Concerned about bumping it during the next low tide cycle, we took in a little chain on our anchor to get us further from the shoal.

While the rains fell during the afternoon, Marcia prepared herself for a round of fishing the next day. We launched the dinghy during a brief lull in the rain.

Today’s mileage – 36.2

Cumulative mileage – 991.8

Current position

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