Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1 – Waddington Bay

We made our getaway about 11 AM after completing our 100 hour oil change (at 134 hours).  This is the last break-in oil change so we are on the regular schedule now.

While the weather wasn’t too bad (occasional showers and light wind) when we left, it was forecast to deteriorate later in the afternoon. We wanted an anchorage that was protected and relatively close.  Waddington Bay on Bonwick Island fit the bill.

Waddington Bay Route After a 23 mile run, we pulled into Waddington Bay, where we turned out to be the only one there (although two more boats followed us in).  We chose a spot with good swinging room because a boat tends to swing about on its anchor in winds.Waddington Bay Anchorage

Based on the weather forecast, we will probably spend two nights here. After that, we’ll look for another pleasant anchorage in the Broughtons.

Besides being a scenic area with many protected anchorages, the Broughtons are well positioned for moving north around Cape Caution when the weather permits.

Today’s mileage – 23.2

Cumulative mileage –343.4

Current position

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