Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Night Launch of SD462-02 – 5 November


A sister ship to ours (SD462-02) was launched on the high tide which was about 9:30 PM. It was quite a sight, almost like a rocket launch with all of the lights and people climbing ladders into the capsule/boat.

In the attached night shots you'll see many round artifacts which I believe are the flash reflections from the dust floating in the air.



Once the boat was in position (a slow and careful process), fire crackers were set and the clutch on the cables holding the carriage supporting the boat were released.  It slid backwards rapidly into the water at a speed faster than the boat will probably ever go under its own power. 


  The day shot shows the new boat (yellow mask) moored behind our boat (blue mask).

Progress continues on our boat and we hope to do the final inspection with our surveyor next week (9 November).  With luck we will be able to move aboard after that for some "hands-on" experience of systems. 

Cruising will have to wait until the boat makes it back home on a freighter.

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