Monday, September 28, 2009

Who is that Masked Trawler?

Bill Kimley, co-owner of Seahorse Marine, has been in the boat building industry for a long time and has developed a keen eye for what looks good on a boat. 

On recent boats from the yard, he has been encouraging owners to consider adding a “mask” around the pilot house area.  The mask uses either the hull color or a complementary color to visually lower the height of the boat and lengthen it.  This is particularly valuable on boats like ours that have both a large superstructure and tall rigging.

Anyway, we looked at other SHM boats with masks and did a little playing on the computer with the photo editor to convince ourselves that it would look good to us.  We did go the conservative route and stick with the hull color as opposed to something a little more eye catching like “fire-engine red.”

Below is a before and after view for comparison.

2009-09-76H 2009-09-88H

Friday, September 18, 2009

Boat Launched!

We received from Henry Zheng, our SHM project manager, the following e-mail this morning.

Hi Marcia and Kurt:

This morning, Alpenglow is successfully launched. We have the fireworks to celebrate this wonderful moment. Hope you and kurt were here, to share the happiness with our workers.

Have some picts for your information.

Best regards,

The pictures are below:

2009-09-70H 2009-09-71H
2009-09-72H 2009-09-73H
2009-09-74H 2009-09-75H