Friday, February 20, 2009

Reversing the Flow (aka Exporting to China)

Since having a boat built is a lot like having a house built, it isn’t unexpected that there are certain items for which we want specific brands or models. Additionally, there are some items we can obtain more easily than the boatyard can in China.

Some items were going directly to the boatyard in mainland China, some items we will use while we sea trial the boat and cruise in Hong Kong and, lastly, some items are for friends of ours in Hong Kong that are difficult for them to obtain locally.  Anyway, it made sense for us to put together a shipment of things to send overseas.

We’ve been collecting things at our house for several months. During that time Marcia has been researching and working with shippers about the process. One thing is does require is detail organization and record keeping in order for the shipper and importer to accept our shipment. Both of these are part of Marcia’s core competency.

Below are some photos of the boxes and pallets that went over.

2009-02-019x 2009-02-017x
2009-02-029x 2009-02-023x
2009-02-036x 2009-02-040x