Sunday, October 26, 2008

Photos from October 2008 China Visit

It had been nearly a year since the last visit to the Seahorse Marine boatyard (SHM) to check on construction progress. With Kurt on a low salt diet (something that is difficult to maintain in China), it was decided that Marcia would go by herself.

The only firm part of her schedule were the flights.  She left on Thursday, October 2 and had a long flight via NW. She flew first to Portland, then to Narita, and finally to Hong Kong. Her return flight on Saturday, October 25 was only two legs, HK to Narita and Narita to Seattle.

While in Hong Kong, mostly she stayed with our friends the Nagles who were living on their SHM built Diesel Duck David Ellis in Aberdeen.

Compared to the previous year, a lot of rough carpentry was completed. In addition, a high point was watching our engine, a Lugger 1066T, get threaded through the salon door and lowered into the engine compartment.

Click on the photo album to see a few of the photos Marcia took on her visit.