Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shipboard Entertainment

What sets a PHC cruise apart from an "ordinary" cruise is the shipboard entertainment. Garrison brings his regular cast along, Rich Dworsky and the Shoe Band, Sue Scott, Tim Russell, Fred Newman (sound effects), frequent PHC guests, Robin and Linda Williams, Prudence Johnson, Maria Jette, and then spices it up with additional performers to break us out of our ruts.

The ship has one large performing arts theater and 3 or 4 other lounge venues. Most evenings had a show in the large theater. The first performance was for those at the late dinner seating while the second (repeated) performance was for those in the first dinner seating.

The shows in the lounge settings were generally one performer or ensemble. Most were in the later evening, after the second show in the large theater.

During the daytime, there were a variety of talks from the four naturalist accompanying the cruise, writer workshops and choir practice.

It was always a challenge to schedule your day so that you were able to attend sessions/performances that interested you while still leaving time for food(!) and seeing the sights.

Below are some photos from the various performances.

2007-Europe-027 Garrison, Linda and Robin Williams



2007-Europe-077Frigg, a very fast paced string band



2007-Europe-216Maria Jette and Robin Williams performing a duet as part of a duet contest 


2007-Europe-310Andy Stein from the Shoe Band

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